Thursday, August 2, 2012

All is Well Again

Whew! I got my computer back over a week ago and so far I have managed to keep it "free" from any nasty virus".  My computer gal says it probably came from a pop-up and attaches itself to ones computer. I don't usually click on any pop-up's so who knows?  I now have a Malware program plus my virus protection so hopefully I am covered. She had 4 people call with in just a few days with the same thing I had . So all is well again at my house. I have been working on some unfinished projects and hope to show you some progress very soon. Sew for today, have a Stitches kind of day.


  1. Try setting your computer to avoid pop ups. Mine avoids most of them, but, some still sneak thru.

  2. Oh boy I hate that! I had to get a virus protection program just recently too, since the computer started acting weird. Best of luck from here on in!