Sunday, October 16, 2016

Halloween Quilt and Table Mat

 Whoopy, here is my Halloween Quilt hanging for the first time!! I got together with 2 of my friends a couple of years ago and we met once a week.. We exchanged fabrics and talked about doing this quilt in
brighter colors. And this was the color scheme we went with.  The pattern is from the Vintage Spool, Vera Mosquera. Her pattern fabric is basically black, tan and gold.colors.  I had gotten this pattern by signing up for Vera's BOM and wasn't very happy with the fabrics that I received.  I really like the bright colors that we ended up doing. There are lots of embellishments on the quilt but they don't show up very good in the photo's. I used a bat silhouette in the border and hot glued red eyes on each one but you really have to look to find them!!
Can you see the bats have red hot-fix crystals for eyes?

 The skeleton was a bit daunting but I really like him....I gave him gold front teeth!! And put some hot-fix crystals in the polka dots on his head..
I made this a couple of years ago, No pattern, just cut some wedges and sewed them together, very easy!
This is a picture of the original pattern by Vera Mosquera.  I hope you like my quilt, oh wait, I think I can find a picture of the other 2 quilts, hold on.  Here it is!! Phyllis and I made ours with invisible machine applique and machine quilting and Betty hand appliqued and hand quilted her quilt..My sister Judy, quilted mine and did a great job!!
Not the best picture but you can get an idea!!  All in all, it was a lot of fun to collaborate with friends to make this quilt. It's the second quilt that I have done with friends..Sew until next time, have some wonderful days!!  Winter is on the way!!!