Friday, August 17, 2012

Little Basket's

at the library. It was used in an Advent Calendar but I really liked it especially because of the rounded edges and attached handle. So I started making them and didn't know how many I would make, just kept making them until I felt like I might have enough for a small quilt. The blocks measure 4" finished so they are pretty small.  All of the fabrics are Civil War repo's but the background is something that I have had for "many" years.  Then I decided it needed something in the border so I drew out a little rabbit, similar to many that I found on the net. My original rabbit had 2 ears, and 4 legs but simplified it to include just one ear and 2 legs.  I'm hand quilting it  and enjoying that a lot. I will show it to you again when it finished, which could be several months as I want to keep this project something to just pick up and work on when I need it..  I'll be back soon with pictures of my Fairie Garden, it's so cute!!  I love it!!  Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of day.    


  1. Your little basket quilt is adorable and I love the fun addition of bunnies to the border. Wonderful!

  2. He bunnies really make this quilt special!

  3. Those tiny baskets are so cute!