Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'll Try to Catch Up Soon!

The last couple of weeks have been on the busy side for me. I have been to the Siouxland Quilt Show, 2 guild meetings and the Jo Morton Retreat in Nebraska and tomorrow I'm going to the AQS show in Des Moines.  The above picture is a quilt made by Katy from the Piecemaker's quilt guild, I think it is so cute!! Lucky little nephew!  I hope to get some posting done on all of these, maybe even today so stay tuned..Sew in the mean time, have a "Stitches" kind of day..see ya soon

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 Not Forgotten

I watched most of the specials on TV on 9/11 and thought they were done with reverence. The new memorial looks wonderful and something we can be proud of for years to come and I hope that it will bring peace to the memories of all who were lost. I made a wall-hanging for my son in the month after 9/11 and want to show it to you now. My son is an Omaha Firefighter and I just knew when I saw this free pattern on the internet that I had to make it for him. It still hangs in their living room today, it's getting a little faded around the edges but still instills patriotism in those who see it. I hope you like it.  Sew until next time, have a "Stitches" kind of day.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Old Friends

On Friday, I went to a nearby town to meet my friend and old classmate, Dixie. She was home from Maryland for just a few days so when we got together for lunch, 3 more classmates joined us and we talked and laughed for a couple of hours reminiscing. It was a great time. Before we got in our cars and headed home,  Dixie said, "You know we probably only have 10-12 more good years in us so we better enjoy the time right now". ehhhhh! That got my attention for sure!! Well, we still had a good time but she put our future in prospective, more or less..but one never knows from day to day anyway, right? Dixie came to my house and spent the night and we chatted and laughed and chatted and laughed some more until almost 1 a.m.  Dixie and I started to kindergarten together so we have been friends for lots of years. We graduated in a class of 15 so many of us were close and we still love getting together. Now, for my big disappointment, in myself!! I didn't take one picture!!! Oh, I was so mad at myself as I had my camera in my purse and couldn't remember to take any pictures. How could I do that? Not of our lunch bunch or even Dixie and myself..could just hit myself over the head with a hammer!  I think I will make an appt. with the Dr. and have my camera permanently affixed to my hand,,,oh, wait a minute. I don't think that will work as I am planning on getting a new camera (maybe this week) and I wouldn't want to go through surgery twice, that would be a stupid move on my part..duh!! So the picture you see at the top of this post is Dixie and me. Me on the left, Dixie on the right, taken in April of 1947!! We were about 10 years old so you can figure out our real ages by yourself, aaaaah!  I didn't get to see Jim, her husband, as he was at a high school class reunion for Central HS in Sioux City, however, I did get to talk to him when Dixie called me on Saturday to tell me she had taken my car KEYS!  She thought they were her rental car keys, I guess. Thankfully, I have another set so it wasn't a big deal, she will mail them to me soon, I know.  It was a good 20 or so hours that we were together but not long enough since it had been 5 years since we had seen one another..but we do talk on the phone occasionally so that keeps us in touch.   It is so great to have a friend like Dixie, where we can just pick up where we left off even if it has been several years since we were together...Love her a lot!!!!  Do you have friends like this too?   On Sunday, I went to the Omaha Community Playhouse and saw "Becky's New Car" and laughed most of the time. It was a really good play and the actors did a great job with their characters..needless to say, my jaws actually ache today but I'm hoping all that laughing has helped to lift and firm some of the sagging muscles in my face..One can always hope!!! Sure hope you had a "Stitches" kind of weekend too!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Civil War Blocks 26 thru 34, still not caught up!!

#26 Barbara Frietchie Star

  Here are a few more blocks to show you, I've had them done for over a week but just didn't find the time to get them posted.  This week is turning out to be a busy week so don't think I will get more blocks done soon.  But I'm still pretty happy with myself for getting these done and posted. For some reason, they photographed lighter than they really are and I don't know why..

#27 Irish Chain

#28 Next Door Neighbor

#29 Railroad Crossing

#30 Peterson's Stars & Stripes - I did my own version

#31 Empty Spool - I think this will be a re-do, with 4 little Spool blocks

#32 Carolina Lily

#33 Indiana Puzzle

#34 Rosebud

I am seriously thinking about starting a garden blog but just can't decide on a name or if I should really do it. There are some really great ones out there!!!  Maybe it isn't so wise to start a blog this time of year when everything is winding down and soon it will be time to up end the flowers and get ready for winter...blah!!!! I've been reading a lot of garden blogs and have gotten so inspired by them and it is such a good way to keep track of what your flower gardens  looked like and have a great time line to compare with for another year. I'm still contemplating on it so if anyone has any thoughts about it, I would appreciate anything you have to say.  I'm sooo on the fence about it..Help me decide, please!!!!!!! Well, until next time have a great "Stitches" day.

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