Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Want a Peek at My Fairy Garden?

I have waited all summer to get this Fairy Garden to come to life..First, I waited for the tree stump to get transformed into the Fairy House. It still isn't painted but that will come eventually.  And I am waiting for the window frames to get made and nailed on. Gotta have windows, right?   I waited to plant/make the garden until after the roof was made and installed as I was afraid the garden would get stepped on and messed up. And then it was soooo hot, that I knew it would be useless to plant or transplant the foliage, we have finally had some cooler weather...So last week a friend came over and "we" planted, designed and fussed around and the fairy garden came to a reality!! Yeah, I'm so happy!! I have been collecting little things for several months and have been gifted with a few of the items too. Once you start thinking about something like this, a person is always on the lookout for "stuff" to go in the garden. I finished it off with coco bean hull mulch, oh yummy, that smelled like chocolate for the first several days and then I put the rocks around the border. I had a few rocks but had to beg a few from a friend and she was gracious enough to let me have some of hers.  Aren't friends the greatest? I still have a few more things that I want to do but there is always next year, I hope. Sew until next time, I hope the fairies are dancing in our gardens and I hope everyone has a Stitches kind of day...

Notice the 3 gazing balls,birdhouse, birdbath and the big ceramic mushroom
My fairies enjoying their garden.
More mushrooms, the mill, covered bridge and the abalone shell pond
Overall picture


  1. WOW!!!! Quelle bonne idee j`adore c`est juste MAGNIFIQUE!!!! :o)
    Et votre blog il; est ausie MAGNIFIQUE!!! Et metenet je suis votre nouvaux member!! :O)
    Bonne semaine!!!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  2. Oh wow, thats not only a fairy garden but almost a fairy village!
    Very nice idea! I love to check out your awesome blog!

    Please keep up the good work!

  3. Oh! This is so awesome! I have been contemplating a fairy garden for a little over a year now. I have been thinking about it and haven't quite figured out how I'd do it yet. So, I LOVE seeing what you're doing! Did you build the house yourself? Did you plant "fairy" plants? I've seen in the plant store some very smallish plants they use for this.

  4. I just love your garden--especially the fairy house from the stump. Ingenious! XOXO

  5. I love your little fairy house! I must find a way to have a Scottish Fairy House in my backyard....

    1. Yes, Meggie, if you have a 'hankerin' for a fairy house, you must find room for one..they are a lot of fun to make...so start collecting stuff now!!!

  6. Great looking garden. My husband helped me put my Gnome garden in. And of course it is always a work in progress. Love your ideas. Don't know if you can see mine on FB or not.

  7. Love your fairy garden. I put together a Gnome garden with the help of my husband. I think they are always a work in progress because you can change things around by the seasons. Love it and they are so much fun. Thanks for sharing.