Saturday, November 20, 2010

A nice rememberance for me

This little cutie was given to me by my late husband's cousin, whose mother passed away several weeks ago. She was a classy lady and one of my favorite aunts. She was 94 and resided in a care center but always had her hair done, make-up on, wore great jewelry and loved her diamonds.  :-) I will miss her very much. The picture is a replica of a chimney flue cover and the print is by Bessie Pease Gutman. She always had this hanging above her bed and I have admired it for years and I am very thankful the family gave it to me. I treasure it.   
I spent so much time on the pc yesterday trying to get this blog up and going that today, I have got to get busy today. I need to make some little curtains for a grandson's house that he is moving into. The fabric is looks like a lot of antler's piled together..he is an outdoors man and I hope he likes my choice. I need to get them done so I can take them to him on Thanksgiving. Welll, I best get going. I hope you have a "Stitches" day.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's been a long day!!

This has been a long, exasperating day trying to get this first post ready to publish. I think I have learned a few things..whew!!!  I am going to back up to Tuesday and tell you that I went to the Cottonwood Quilt Guild meeting and David Taylor was our program. If you aren't familiar with David and want to know more, go to his web site:
and check out his quilts. I think they are beyond words and he has only been quilting since 1999. I have been quilting since the early 1970's and I couldn't hold a candle to his quilts. This is a picture of one of my favorite quilts that he showed.
I know that I need to start thinking "outside the box" and try something new more often. 
On Tuesday evening, I went to my local guild, "The Piecemaker's". It was our Christmas meeting and we had fun and games and food.  I think this is enough for now but I'll be back with more later.