Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Great Finds?

 Last Thursday, I took my Great Pumpkin quilt to the machine quilter, YEAH!!  I'm so excited to get it back and the binding on it and hung on my wall for Fall. Sadly, the Halloween quilt that I have been working on just didn't get done this year.  :-((   But Nancy, the machine quilter, was getting ready for a garage sale over the weekend. She and about 4 friends decided to clean out some of their hoarded treasured possessions. There were just a few items that I couldn't pass up and since she said she would do a "pre-sale", I came home with  a few goodies..I think the duck bowl and ladle are so cute and I can see a lovely African Violet in the basket too. 
 The rest of the 'stuff' is going to my youngest daughter.  Her last name is Henn so therefore she likes hens, not roosters, but hens!! I thought this cute little napkin holder Barred Rock (I think, let me know if I'm wrong) Hen would be a nice addition to her kitchen.
 She also collects old tins. These are miniature tins and I couldn't resist them either. They have never been opened and at this point, I doubt they ever will be. The coffee says it will make 6 cups and the Buttercup Sweet Scotch Snuff, eeeh, I can't imagine what that would smell like after lots of years. I think she will really like these and will be disappointed if she doesn't...
 I put a coffee mug beside the tins so you can see how small they are...Do you like my goodies? All for only $9.75, I think I did good!!!  Thanks for looking, Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of day.......


  1. You did find some wonderful items! Old tins are so wonderful!

  2. Great finds....I especially like the white duck soup tureen!

    1. I agree wholeheartedly!! The white duck is my favorite. It is quite small so will probably use it for gravy or sauce. I wish it was big enough for a soup tureen though. Thanks for stopping by.