Sunday, October 28, 2012

Check Out My Winnings!!

On October 11, I got an email from Marsha at the Quilter In Motion blog and she told me that I had won her give away from the "Leafs Me Happy" blog hop drawing..I was thrilled and happy about my news.  It is always a fun and happy time when you win something and it doesn't happen to me very often.  I got the "prize" about a week later, just about the time I got a nasty bug.  Cough, cough, drip, blow, drip, drip, cough and blow some more!!!  I felt so rotten for several days and didn't even leave the house for 5 days.  I'm sorry to report that I'm still not over it completely but I wanted to get a post written about my win and the fabric that I won.  It's all  fun fabric, the camper fabric will make a cute border on a couple of towels for my camper daughter and family. I know she will love them.

 This Fall piece will make some nice greeting cards, I think..Fusible web on the back, iron them to a blank card front and you have a nice card to send..


  1. Congratulations Sandy! What fun to win and what fun to get fabric. Love your ideas, especially the one for making cards.

    1. Thanks, Karen, for stopping by and yes, it is fun to win. I'm anxious to start on the cards, I think they will be really pretty.