Sunday, February 27, 2011

That Pile of Fabric Again !!

A Different Pile

I didn't get anything posted on the "tomorrow" that I mentioned at the end of my last post as the sewing took longer than I thought. Doesn't it always? Here is the main body of the quilt without borders. I had planned to put a scrappy inner border around it with the bold colors but I don't know if I have enough. The pile at the top is the waste that I cut off from each block. I hate waste when making a quilt, especially as expensive as the fabric is getting. I had thought this would make a good scrappy quilt someday but I have had second thoughts now. I would not make this pattern again! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use these pieces of waste? I was looking at the quilt top last night, I thought about a fuchsia or purple with white polka dot border or something jazzy. I need to go look at fabric tomorrow because I don't have the outer border either..Sometimes I like to wait to buy borders, it's like living on the edge and you just never know what you will do or find. Anyone else like doing this?? Does anyone have any other suggestions for borders? I am open for ideas.

I've been blog hopping for a while today. I just can't believe the wonderful blogs that are on the internet. I can't even begin to mention the ones that I thought were great. Before I know it, an hour or two has gone by and I didn't even realize it. I know I spend way too much time on the computer and need to discipline myself better. How do you discipline your time on your computer? I think I am a computer junky!!

That's all for today, folks! I have to get busy getting caught up on a few things around here but I'm sure I'll be back many times before the day is over...have a 'Stitches' kind of day where ever you are. P.S. I love comments.


  1. It looks cute! Are the pinwheel shapes appliquéd on or part of the piecing?
    Could you piece your scraps together for the scrappy inner border? Looks sort of like "rail fence"?

  2. The pinwheel stars are pieced on. They started out as a 4 1/4" x 9 1/2" rectangle. The I sewed on the diagonal from corner to corner and then cut off the colored and black and white fabric underneath. That's where all that waste came from. I'm headed to the quilt shop to see if I can find something to use, really don't want to mess around with the scraps right now. Thanks for the comment and suggestion though.

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks for e-mailing me. Glad to meet you! It's interesting that you commented on me having two blogs, as I recently decided to consolidate my interests into one blog. I found it hard to keep up with two. You do a nice job with sewing and quilting. Hope you are sending us good weather (as it travels east to Des Moines!) lol
    blessings, Beth

  4. Beth, If you happen to read my blog again, can you email me and tell me what your blog ID is? I can't contact you as your profile is private and I don't know where to find you..: -))

  5. You could use your scraps in a crazy patchwork quilt or a scrappy table runner, cushions. I don't waste any fabric it all goes into my scrap box,then I sort them into sizes and keeping them in zip lock bags together for ease of use next time. I love string blocks and have made a table topper, cushions and a table runner from them. Happy to show you pics if you would like to see what i mean. They are on my blog somewhere.



  6. The quilt top looks wonderful. Have you thought or do you like to do applique. Applique is so great to use up small pieces. Also an applique border with maybe leaves and berries would look great maybe? Love your work and your blog. blessings,Kathleen

  7. Thank you everyone for the comments. It's really nice to know someone is looking. I got the fabric for the borders on Monday and will try to post them for you to see soon. They are pretty funky, a lime green stripe and black/white polka dots, hope you will like them.