Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Remember That Pile of Fabric?

   Remember that pile of fabric in my last post?  Here it is in the next stages. I have sewn 6 strip sets together (only half of what I will need) and cut them into 10 1/2" squares..then I have cut my accent fabric into rectangles 4 1/4" x  9 1/2". I took out some of the colors and only kept the purple, turquoise, lime green, orange and fuchsia. I am thinking that will be enough colors to make the quilt pop! Today I am going to start sewing them together. Hopefully, by tomorrow I can show you a couple of rows but I'm not going to tell you anymore about the pattern. You need to return and check it out.  Can anyone guess what the pattern might look like?  By the way, my flowers still look really fresh and perky!!
I almost forgot.  I went to a P.E.O. meeting last night and our hostess gave me the most beautiful African Violet. I hope I can keep it alive.. It's bigger than a dinner plate, gorgeous. She, also, grows orchids and makes it look so easy. They are so perfect that they look artificial..She has a 'dark' green thumb for sure.
That's all for today, until tomorrow, have a "Stitches" kind of day!!!


  1. It looks like you've made the start of a funky quilt. I like the colors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I wanted to email you but could not because your blogger profile is set as: Stitches

  2. TY for visiting my blog. Good luck in the giveaways.

    I love how your quilts is looking, the colours will really make it pop.