Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Another set of tea towels.

Here is the set that I made for my grandson, Andrew and his bride-to-be Angela. They had a couples shower for them last Saturday so I finished them up on Friday..nothing like waiting until the last minute. I had debated about adding the little fabric on the corner and I'm glad I decided to do it. I think it added some spark to the towels. Sometimes I wonder if these younguns' really appreciate this old-fashioned gift? I think that some do and some don't!

Green Beans




Onions, I choose to do red onions



  1. Beautiful tea towels.... I love the addition of the fabric on the corners really adds a great finishing touch! Christine x

  2. These are very pretty and such a cool gift! You do beautiful work and the added corner fabric sets them off!! They will cherish these!!

  3. How cute! My youngest son and his wife would appreciate those.

  4. I just love your tea towels! They are so cute and I love your touches. Hope they enjoy them.

  5. The added touch of fabric has really emphasized your beautiful embroidery....Nothing says "love" like an old fashion gift. I still have some of my mother's work and some I have passed on to my daughters