Wednesday, February 3, 2016


 I made this Raspberry Coffee Cake yesterday as I was housebound because of the weather. Don't ask me how much of it is left!! It's a really good cake!! We had a good old blizzard, I rather enjoyed it. I am not a Winter hater, I think I am always going to get so much done in the winter but it doesn't usually work out for me somehow.. In the Winter I don't have to worry about all the weeds, deadheading plants and flowers, getting the lawn mowed and generally just sprucing things up a I should be planted at my sewing machine and getting some projects finished, right?  Here are some pictures of the snow yesterday. It was actually very, very pretty.
This area is where I have my Fairy Garden, the fairies were so smart to go South for the winter..

Light pole and redbud tree in background and a dead plant hanging on the pole!!

Looking out my kitchen window, all the windows had droplets on them from the blowing snow..

The lilac hedge that runs along my driveway    
The Blue Spruce tree in my neighbors yard..
The temp yesterday was right around 34 degrees until night time when it went down. And by mid-afternoon, most of the snow had thawed/fallen off of the trees and bushes and etc. I am going to the basement and sew today and I'll let you know what I accomplished... Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of day...


  1. your snow looks very pretty! glad you do not hate it - that wouldn't be nice to spend half of the year hating the weather! The coffee cake looks delightfully good and I won't ask how much is left :) when I make a cake for two of us it goes much faster than it should considering it should serve between 12-16 LOL generally in two days it is gone as we eat if all day long!

  2. The snow does look pretty and I am glad you were in the warm inside! Your cake looks delicious! Looking forward to seeing what you stitched! Christine x

  3. yummy looking cake and beautiful snow pictures.
    here in the part of Germany Im from its just wet. If it snowes its not staying for long and turnes into slusch.

  4. Coffee cake and snow - it doesn't get any better!

  5. Your coffee cake looks so yummy! Perfect for sitting at the table and drinking a cup of coffee and watching the snow. Glad you enjoyed the day.