Tuesday, June 2, 2015

And Four More !!

 Here are 4 more of my blocks from How Does Your Garden Grow that I have embellished. I am liking the looks of them, although some of the blocks are easier to embellish than others. I hope you enjoy seeing them. I am linking up today with Super Mom-No Cape and Freemotion By the River. So click on these links to see the rest of their links.

I worked on these blocks and a few more over the weekend and now I think I have some tendonitis in my wrist so I best not embellish anymore for a few days. Darn!!!  Sew until next time, I hope you have a Stitches kind of day............................


  1. Sorry to hear you have given your self tendonitis as your blocks are looking beautiful! Hope it feels better soon and you can do some more stitching! Love this BOM pattern! :) x

  2. These blocks are lovely. pretty work.

  3. oh no, sorry to hear about the injury. the blocks are lovely though

  4. All your blocks are so pretty! I especially like the one with the two white birds. I do hope your wrist feels better soon!

    Life has been so busy that I'm late getting around to visiting everyone but I wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link Party! Aloha hugs!