Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Grandiose Amaryllis!

"We" are back again, my amaryllis and me!!  I can't believe this plant..after the first 4 blooms expired, it started to send up another shoot. I thought it was probably a leaf. But it wasn't and this one has gone crazy and it has so much fun to watch it grow. These blossoms are bigger and better than the first ones AND it has 5 blossoms on it..AND this morning I measured it and it is 29"or maybe 30" tall..I think the bulb will just shrivel and die when it's done blooming. (not really) Well, enough of this chatter, I will show it to you..

Can you see the 5th bud in the back?

Crazy, huh? And this was taken several days ago..

It's tall!

Maybe the frog added the fertilizer  ;-))  The enjoyment has far exceeded the $4.99 that I paid for it...Such a bright spot in my kitchen...I love it....Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of day.....


  1. such a tall one and it is so straight! how do you manage to keep it from tipping over? I have one I bought on sale also and it is getting ready to bloom soon but it is tipping even though I turn the plant almost every day so it won't lean to the light.

  2. How huge! I have never seen one grow so tall. I am here visiting from Jan at Sew and Sow farm. I love meeting bloggers from the midwest. I am originally from Missouri.