Friday, August 30, 2013

A Pretty Red Bird

This is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window the other day.
Go away, I'm concentrating

I'm thinking about you now!

Here's looking at you...

This is really kind of boring..


  1. What a lovely cardinal. Birds never stay still long enough for me to even think about getting my camera out, much less take a picture (or 4). Maybe I can blame it on my dogs. Hope your birthday was great! Keep on celebrating all weekend long.

  2. Beautiful, how awesome that you were able to get such great photos. I have real trouble photographing birds too. Belated birthday wishes also!!

  3. When I saw the Cardinal sitting there, I had to go to another room to get my camera..I thought he would be gone as they are kind of skitterish and don't stick around very long usually. So I was very pleased that he stayed and just seemed to be posing for me. The pictures were all taken through a kitchen window too and I didn't think they came out too bad. I just love seeing those beautiful birds in my yard occasionally.

  4. Oh, how lovely! We don't have such spectacular looking birds!