Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Friend's House Tour-2012-Part 1

The front door

P. Buckley Moss wreath in entryway

I have a friend that decorates for every holiday throughout the year and I thought you might like looking at some of her Christmas Decor...I know the pictures don't do the decor justice but it's so much fun to go to her house and see all that she has done. Here is a little taste of it...I hope you enjoy...
Welcome to the North Pole quilt

Red and White tree
Dining Room w/white plates and decor

The Hutch, walls are red

I love this tree, just doesn't photograph well tho!!

Huge punchbowl full of red balls, cute quilt too.

Family Room
Mercury Glass display

 I do wish someone would tell me how to arrange these pictures like I want too, they are giving me fits!!!

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