Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday was a special day!!

Me and Dad - his 98th birthday
As of yesterday, my Dad has lived in this world for 98 years. It is just hard for me to imagine, living that long and having so many memories.  He said  "it's just another day" but we didn't think so!! My son, and 3 grandsons and myself went to have lunch and birthday cake with Dad. He is still in his own home and lives alone, although family members and friends stop by frequently and check on him. I know my sister brings him dinner most every day. His mind is sharp and he still has his sense of humor, we are just lucky to have him with us after 98 years...I hope he has many more days to share with us..Yesterday was a Stitches kind of day for me!!! 


  1. Please tell him 'Happy, Happy Birthday!' I agree, it ISN'T just another day. Celebrate it! I wish I could with my daddy.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Oh he is such a cutie! Wishing him many more wonderful travels around the sun!
    xx, shell