Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Day, Another Border or Two

Jealousy????? Who's jealous?  I am. I am jealous of all the Dear Jane's that have their corner and borders on perfectly! I am jealous of those that have been quilted and have the scalloped borders on them. And I am jealous (but proud ) of all the Dear Jane's that are bound and ready to be admired. Maybe someday mine will be finished and I can say "Am I glad that's over".  It's nearly one o'clock here in Western Iowa and I just need to curl my hair and then I am going to start sewing on DJ again.  I have two more chunks of border to add then the borders will be done, kinda..I still need to add the outside border for the scallops but I don't have the fabric yet so it will be a few days again. I think I want to use a shirting fabric for the scallops and I want the background to match or blend with the muslin that I used for sashing. I best get busy so I'll be back to you later today with updates.   (Note:  the postcard was written by my grandmother to my grandfather in November 1910, they were married January 12, 1911)  I would like to think this is their wedding picture but I don't have any proof of it. Charles W. and Mabel E. Fletcher Seaman
4:00 p.m.- All four triangle borders are on and the top is pressed. I still need to add the last border for the scallops but I have to buy the fabric.  After I get that border on, I will take DJ to the machine quilter to baste it and then I can start hand quilting. I'm not even going to put a time limit on getting it finished as I know it will take me longer than I think it would, so when it's done, it's done.

Dear Jane, all triangle borders are on!

This was a lttle better day than yesterday when I fussed so much with the corner blocks. I have decided to leave them for the time being. Perhaps in a few days, I may tackle a couple of them again and see if I can improve upon them but they may start looking better every day, we'll see.  Gee, now I can start on another of my Phd Challenges, I think it will be the Quilted Village.....I'm on a roll!!  Until next time, have a "Stitches" kind of evening. 


  1. When I look at old pictures I think of my grandmother--and when she explained what their clothes were like, and how she got her hair to look like it did.

    If you send me your email, I can answer your questions about the quilt/fabric you saw on my blog. Loess hills--hmm--not too far from me!

  2. Hey, you're doing great on your DJ. Maybe those corners will go on easier today!

  3. Seeing your DJ makes me want to finish mine! Diana