Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's been a while but I will try to do better!!

I was gone to Nebraska for Thanksgiving and just haven't gotten back into blogging since I returned. Christmas decorating is on my mind but I just can't seen to get into gear. I do have my Christmas wall-hanging up and it is one of my most favorite things that I have made. A friend, Phyllis and I decided in January 2007, that we would get together about once a week and make the Piece O' Cake "Welcome to the North Pole" quilt. We both made our own quilt but pulled our own fabrics and shared with each other. We had a lot of fun deciding on the fabric and doing our weekly blocks together. We worked on them until about October 2007, then they had to be quilted, then we embellished, wow, we were always on the prowl for embellishments to add to our finished quilts. I will try to post a few pictures and show you my quilt.
I used some of my grandmother's buttons for some of the door knobs, an earring from my grand-daughter,(she had lost the other one) and many beads and embellishments. I will post some of the other pictures later. I would highly recommend anyone doing this kind of a quilt with a friend or two. I am working on another quilt with 2 friends and will tell more about it at a later date. I hope you are having a "Stitches" kind of day.

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