Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Lost Is Found

Here is my story of my sapphire ring...The ring has been missing for almost 2 years..I keep several of my rings that I wear frequently in a little dish on my dresser. In January 2014, I went to put it on and it was missing. Just this ring, the rest were resting nice on the little dish. My kids, grandkids and myself have looked and looked for this ring and it's not that it was that valuable or precious. But it was an easy ring to wear, no prongs to catch on things and just comfortable. I actually bought this ring at a pawn shop many years ago for less than $100 but I really liked it..On with the story, on Monday, Dec.7th, I couldn't go to sleep so I had a long talk with St. Anthony. I asked him again to please help me find my sapphire ring. On Wednesday, Dec. 9th, I went to a brunch to my friend, Phyllis' house and when I got ready to leave, she held out her hand and in it was the sapphire ring. She found it on Tuesday, Dec. 8th in a zip bag with several other things, just mish-mash stuff, she said.  She was going to throw the whole bag to the garbage but decided maybe she should go through it and my ring was in it!!! Neither one of us can figure out how my ring ended up in her house, there is no logical explanation for it, except St. Anthony had done his magic and I accept that it is the truth..I am glad that the lost was found...and I'm a believer!!   Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of day..........

The mish-mash box that the bag was in..

The mish-mash zip bag that my ring was in..


  1. Yippee for St Anthony! Glad you found your ring.

  2. Wow that is great news, enjoy wearing that ring again.

    Happy days.

  3. Maybe you can find some of my missing stuff?? Glad you have your ring back. Weird!

  4. amazing! glad your ring is back - I lost an anniversary ring last month and it was only missing for 5 days - it had been on a table with my other rings as I tend to take them off so they don't get my threads in a tangle and went to put it back on and it was gone - no one in the house but me. I looked and looked for 5 days - then on the 5th I started to do my vacuuming and over by the front door I heard a noise of metal being sucked up - I stopped dumped out the canister and there was the ring - I swear I looked in that same area that is closest to the table it had been on I do not know how many times and never saw it - glad to get it back - it too was not a real pricey ring but I liked it and got it 15 years ago.

  5. So glad you found your ring! It is always nice to find something that has been lost a long time! Christine x

  6. Great story....I also lost my favorite ring a few years back. It all happened while making the move from the farm. Maybe a year later, and still opening moving cartons, I found the ring in the bottom of a box. All I can understand is, it fell off my hand while packing. I still wear that ring today !