Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time is Rushing By

I am dragging my feet about getting ready for Christmas this year .  I have very little decorating done so far!!  I have a Christmas cloth on my kitchen table with a centerpiece. And one of my favorite quilts "Welcome to the North Pole" hanging on the wall. I really need to begin getting ready for Christmas in July, it gets more over whelming every year, could it be that I'm getting older every year?
Click on Welcome to the North Pole, if you would like to see more of this quilt and maybe another one or two.  I hope my #1son  (and my only one)  will come today and carry my tree upstairs for me so I can get started decorating it!!! Sew until next time, I hope your decorating is ALL done and ready for Christmas.  Have a Stitches kind of day!!!!


  1. we have the tree to put up and then we are done - I have put up all the knicknacks and wall hanging and that is it - I used to do a whole lot more but I find too that the older I get the less important all the frills are for some reason.
    I love the house block that is cute

  2. Sandy, I feel your "pain". I decided this year that there are too many boxes of things I don't ever use as they are sad looking. Some hold memories and some don't. Getting rid of the stuff that doesn't have any memories this year! Maybe with less boxes, I'll look forward to it?