Monday, April 29, 2013

Uni in Brum?

What does that mean???? Uni in Brum? Well, it's the title of my youngest granddaughter's blog. She is in England attending the University of Birmingham this semester. I think she has done an excellent job writing about her travels so far.. Before Spring break, she had visited Liverpool, Sweden, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Scotland, Finland, Oxford and Ireland.  She hasn't started blogging about her travels on Spring break yet, I think she might have some studying to do!!  During Spring break, she traveled with Sophie, an international student from Alabama, and they met up with some other gals along their travels for a few days now and then. They had a few unfortunate things happen but it didn't seem to slow them down a lot. She has a rather quirky style of writing sometimes so I just have to laugh when I read some of the things but I have enjoyed her travels and pictures...of course, I may be a little partial too!! If you would like to travel with Abby, I know she would love to have you and if you read her blog, could you kindly leave her a comment or two?  She would be so grateful.  Thanks for stopping by today and have a Stitches kind of day....Sew until next time, take care...

Abby, get away from that cliff!!

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  1. My nephew did the same thing in Spain a few years ago and did some traveling while there. He learned so much and came back with so many pictures.