Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Time Ever

Do you know what these cute little things are?? I had never even seen one of these that I remember until last week when I spent the day with 2 of my sisters, Judy and Rita. We went to the city and stopped at a very nice quilt shop Heart and Hands Dry Goods Co., and then to the Asia/Mexican grocery store. They had boxes and boxes of Persimmons so we all bought some of them. I only bought 4 and after eating the first one, I wish I had bought 4X more. I have just been peeling and slicing before eating and I love them.  I think they taste kind of like a blend of an apple and a melon..What do you think? Have you ever tried them?  We made a few other stops too but I wanted to tell you that if you are ever in the Sioux City, Iowa area and you like quilt shops, you really don't want to miss Heart and Hands. They have a great variety of gifts among the many, many bolts of fabric, and I want to go back.......hmmm, now I'm off to enjoy my last persimmon, (sad face)  I need to eat slow and relish it!!!. Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of day.............


  1. I've never eaten a persimmon. In fact, I'm not sure I've even seen one.
    I have been to Heart and Hands but it was a long time ago. A gal who used to live here (and now lives in Cherokee) is friends with one of the owners. This gal was a big stitcher and not so much a quilter. Small world....

  2. Persimmons are so nice!! I have a tree and Dad has about 6 trees of them. Interesting - ours are bright orange and I see yours are more yellow. In the olden days they were known as quite an astringent fruit but they have bred better varieties these days.