Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artisan Bread-My First Loaves

I was reading Esther's Blog the other day and she was talking about baking Artisan Bread and how easy and how good it is. I've been making bread since I was in high school but have never tried this method.  It is easy and it is good. I used a 10" cast iron griddle to bake mine on and it really worked fine. The picture shows both loaves on the griddle but I only cooked one loaf at a time on it. I just think it looks so darn pretty. Well, that's it for tonight, just wanted to show you my should try it.  Check out Esther's blog right here:  Not only does looking at her bread, make you want to make some but she has some awesome applique patterns..I think her applique is one of the best!!! Sew I hope you had a Stitches kind of day.....see ya soon...