Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Quilt Festival, Trenton, FL.

 Warning, this is a lenghty post with slideshows and pictures!!!  This was the 5th Annual Festival held in Trenton, FL. and I understood that it is held the 2nd Saturday in March each year. If you are ever anywhere in the area and love quilts, crafts, antiques, food and etc., you should be there on that day. I loved it!! Can you tell?? The featured quilter for the day was Madalyn Jones. She quilted over 300 quilts in her livetime, wow!! And she lived 1/2 mile from where she was born, all her life not far from Trenton. I have made a slideshow of some of her quilts.

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I hope you enjoyed the quilts made by Madalyn Jones. I loved the story about making the quilt for the Dr.'s wife and getting a set of dentures..Her quilting was beautiful. I talked to several of her granddaughters and daughters and they all commented about getting to see so many of her quilts all in one place, it was so inspiring for them. The next pictures are of a quilt made by the Possum Crick Quilters from Gainsville, Fl. It is the second one they made in the 1980's as the first one was stolen. It was cut right out of the frame, can you imagine?? It was really cute and Madalyn was one of the maker's on this one too.

The next slide show is just the rest of the town with quilts hanging and the Suwannee Valley Quilt Shop. Wonderful quilt shop and if you are ever within "striking" distance and don't stop, that's sad, really sad! It is a "full" service shop with over 6,000 bolts and more books, notions, patterns and much, much more, than you can even imagine.
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  1. Sew many wonderful quilts to look at. What fun you had. Thanks!