Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Sew Many Ways" to organize

You really need to visit "Sew Many Ways" blog if you want to know how to organize just about anything. Karen has more ideas than stars in the sky, (well, maybe not quite that many) but she has lots. You can get lost in her blog for days, literally, if you want. Many of her ideas were some of those light bulb moments for me when I thought "why didn't I think of that"?  Well, I don't know exactly but I guess my brain just doesn't work the same way as Karen's.  I hope you will hop over to her blog and check it out, I was totally impressed with her many ideas and tutorials.  You just wait, you will overwhelmed, I'm sure. Be sure and leave her a comment or better yet, you could become one of her followers.....She's a leader and I follow!!...Sew until next time, have a "Stitches" kind of day.....


  1. Thank you so much for all your kind words...very much appreciated. I love sharing my ideas, so thank you again for posting about them.
    Take care

  2. Thanks for pointing out her blog.....had to take a look. What a beautiful sewing room she has. I discovered her tutorial making magazine holders from cereal boxes. What a great idea. Forget buying plastic magazine holders from walmart when you can make your own decorative magazine holder. Another project to add to my list. Thanks.