Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A PHD Challenge Done!

I can't even remember when I started this quilt, it's been that long ago. Years ago, I had a Secret Sister and I hand appliqued a block for her and one for me every month for a year. When it was time to reveal my Secret Sister, I used my finished quilt top for show and tell and that's how she knew I was her SS.  It layed around my house for a while long time and then I took it to a machine quilter. She and another friend talked me out of having it machine quilted and thought I should hand quilt it because of the hand applique. So I brought it home and it layed around for a long long long time again until finally one day, I decided I was going to take it again to be machine quilted. I was sick of it laying around and thought DONE is better than NOT! I had the border and sashing MQ and I hand quilted the blocks themselves. I guess it was sort of a compromise on the quilting. I entered it into Myra's PHD Challenge last year and it's late in getting finished but it is DONE and I am GLAD!!! The pattern is in an old Piecemaker's quilt book and it called "Heart's A Plenty" and it is a calendar quilt as the blocks represent the 12 months of the year. I hope you like seeing it, sew until next time, have a "Stitches" kind of day.


  1. So glad you got this project done, as it is very nice. You'll love being able to use it vs sitting in a box!

  2. This is a fun quilt -- I love the pumpkin and the turkey blocks. I think that's my mood right now! :)

  3. Wonderful job and congratulations on a finish! It's such a great feeling to have something completed! woo hoo!