Monday, May 2, 2011

My, Oh My, Don't Be Shy!!

Please don't be shy about leaving a commnet or two, they make a blog so much more interesting. It's fun to read what others think and they really do help to encourage a blogger to post more often.  I'm really not begging you or pleading although you might call it that, hmmmmmmmmm!!!  Frankly, I had this cute little card and wanted to post it, so I thought I would put out a call for comments...Did it work???? Sew until next time, have a Stitches kind of evening. 


  1. I stopped in cute shop last week when I was picking my son up from college, and they had a stack of old post cards for just $4. I'm kicking myself for not buying them. I love old post cards. They are so cute. The kids in yours remind me of the kids from the old Campbell Soup ads.

  2. I love the civil war quilt blocks you've posted. They may be just the inspiration I need to start a CW era type project.
    The "Don't Be Shy" postcard is cute. Grandma's? Is the name or initials of Dolly Dingle anywhere on them? She's the artist of the Campbell soup kids.

  3. I'm glad you are inspired to make a CW era quilt, who don't you start the Barbara Brackman quilt? Yes, the card is Grandma's but no sign of it being designed by Dolly Dingle. It says it was printed in Germany. I do think they look like the Campbell Soup Kids though.

  4. It got my attention! I saw you on the sidebar of Rasberry Rabbits and decided to come say hello.
    I have been a blog slacker lately but was pleased to see I still have some viewers. You are right, that commenters make it more fun.