Friday, March 18, 2011

A Good Mug Rug Morning

Good Morning! It's a good mug rug morning here. Mug Rugs seem to be a very popular item lately and I just received one from Switzerland, along with a yummy Swiss Chocolate candy bar. Both items are very good!! I'm trying to take it easy on the chocolate bar but every time I walk by I can smell it and I just have to have another "little" square of I put it in my pantry..but I have found out that the door opens so easily. I just can't fool myself! The above picture is the red and white MR that I received from Liliane Marquis  in a MR exchange that I joined. The picture below,  is the one I made and sent to my gal, Dianne Brooks, that lives in Pennsylvania. She should receive this about tomorrow, I hope she likes it. This was a fun little exchange to do. This is my very first MR so I kissed it goodbye (and cried a little) and sent it on it's way.
I am also including a picture of another MR that a friend, Jill C., gave to me and you can see that I used her idea when I made mine. I really like the idea of putting a cup on it and tucking some tea bags inside for a little treat. Cute, huh?This Not a Mug Rug, I repeat, this is NOT a Mug Rug....I just got hungry for homemade Mac N' Cheese the other day so I'm showing you that I really do cook once in a while...oh, by the way, remember the other day when I said I had to go make 2 Apple Pie's. Well, I did but forgot to take pictures of them, dang! And they looked really good too! I had kids and grandkids over for pie on Sunday evening and then GS Joel took the other one to school on Monday. Monday was 3.14 so his class was celebrating "Pi" day. He was excited about taking the pie but before he got a piece it was all gone!!  He was checking out what the other kids brought and when he got done, his Pi was gone..hungry little munchins, I guess. Sure glad he had a piece the night before..Well, this is about all I have time for today as I'm heading out to the city...hope you are having a "Stitches" kind of day, ya all!!

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  1. Beautiful mug mats!
    By the way, you won my giveaway! Hop over and give me your mailing address so I can send your books! Congratulations!
    :) :) :)
    xx, shell